Ab 18.12.2019 befindet sich der Kursstandort (Bülowstr. 56) in der Ansbacher Str. 5, 10787 Berlin, 3. Etage.

Mission Statement

The biss Bildungsinstitut für Deutsche Sprache was established in 1999 and changed its name to the 2oo5 under the name BlSS - Ausbildungen, Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum.

In the context of the nationwide lntegration program the bite Education Institute has set itself the task of carrying out for people with a migration background contributes to overcoming language barriers, identify ways to participate in social, cultural and working life.

Our educational institute issued in all questions of integration through social and professional skills every students are careful advice, support and assistance. For us by constant commitment successful learning means the migrants opportunities for extensive new socialization and reorganization of personality to open.
Central here is to learn the German language in order to achieve the highest possible communication skills in relation to the host society.

Man with his goals and desires is at the heart of our service.

Each student is part of our society and the natural environment, secure their livelihoods and well-being of the people out, they need to be encouraged and challenged according to their abilities and intellectually inclinations.
Our company has a natural responsibility to its customers, employees and customers. The handling is characterized by mutual respect and recognition of others and its values.

We think of our customers as we want them to think about us.
We speak of our customers as we wish them to talk about us.
We act towards our customers the way we want them to do it to us.

Our actions is shaped by the fact to consider existing critical to make decisions in question and correct. Our information policy is open and truthful. Problem solving, meeting needs and goal achievement are characterized by a high level of motivation of employees.
Objective and goal achievement we consider as an opportunity and a challenge.

Everyone in the company is committed to this mission.

New employees can be integrated only if they identify with them.